The Dystopian Detective series follows private detective Lance Canela from case to case, as he faces down corrupt executives, shadowy syndicates, inscrutable mega corporations, and menacing hackers in the dystopian city of Kindred. With a healthy dash of classic Hardboiled and Noir sensibilities, this cyberpunk series tackles modern day issues through the lens of science fiction, extended into the not-so-distant future.

Book 3, The Resonance Enigma:

To find a gamer’s killer, private detective Lance Canela must log in to the Augmented Reality Game, Resonance. But even in a virtual world, the machinations of the megacorps are always in motion. What secret lies within the game’s servers, and how does it relate to the strange girl waiting for her murdered friend to return?

The Resonance Enigma is available in paperback, and in ebook form at the retailers below: