photoRetroPhaseShift is a blog dedicated to science fiction in all its forms, with an initial focus on the televised variety. It may also contain posts on whatever sci-fi-related topics come to mind, from the tragedy of the Romulans to the frustration of ending on a cliffhanger that never gets resolved. I’m also a writer, and so in that sense I may discuss the tropes that I see in sci-fi works, maybe ones that are popular or ones that haven’t been used in a while, and the problems or benefits of utilizing them, in such a way that fans as well as other writers can enjoy it.

And as part of my pursuit of writing, I’ve also released my first novel, The Arcology, kicking off a series of books about private detective and hardboiled fanboy Lance Canela as he struggles to live an honest life in the dystopian, cyberpunk-influenced city of Kindred, circa 2052. Posts about my writing, the world of the novels, and book progress are all likely to be made as well.

In addition to posting here, I also contribute regularly to CutPrintFilm, typically reviewing more recent films. If you want more of my work, check me out over there! You can also find me on twitter @RetroPhaseShift, Facebook, GoodReads, and occasionally on Reddit with the same name.