Happy Holidays! A Free ebook gift!

unjust_tinyA special, exclusive short has just been released for free! Unjustified Nostalgia, a short story written just for my most loyal fans, is out now. Check out a brief summary below:

Fiona takes Lance out on a special birthday date to see one of his favorite bands perform live, but the fun’s put to rest when Unjustified Nostalgia reveals that it might be their last show. After a trip backstage, the band’s famed cyborg drummer has a request: help find out why the record label they were planning to sign with has suddenly gotten so aggressive. Can the band’s future be saved, or will they fade out once and for all?

If you’re already a subscriber to my mailing list, you should’ve received instructions on how to download it straight to your inbox last night. If you aren’t subscribed yet, no problem! click here and sign up; once you confirm, you’ll get the details, too, no matter when you’re reading this. It’s a permanent freebie! And don’t worry if you haven’t read The Arcology or Eidolon yet; this story’s relatively free of spoilers, so if you like it, you can always go back and get caught up.

Enjoy the story, and if you have any problems or comments, feel free to let me know!

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Promo is now open!

My readers, to celebrate the release of Eidolon, I’ve decided to make The Arcology free for a limited period of time. If you haven’t read it yet, this is your chance! You can pick it up for FREE this weekend from a number of retailers.

But if you’ve already bought The Arcology, never fear; I’m not the only one participating in this promo. Dozens of other ebooks from my fellow independent authors are also available, in all kinds of sci-fi and fantasy subgenres. They’re all free, almost everywhere in the world, and who knows? You might find a new favorite author who you’d never have heard of otherwise. Just click the image below, select your preferred retailer and look over the list to see what strikes your fancy. I hope The Arcology is one of them!


Defiance Season 3 Retrospective

New ArchDefiance moved into its third season by making some huge changes to the status quo. Some turned out way better than expected, while others were more of a letdown. With the finale feeling like it may very well be the end of the series, how did Defiance shape up overall? New storylines, new characters, even a new race of Votans… but was it well executed, or did many things end up being rushed to fit this apparent finale?

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A Quick Intro to the Aliens of Defiance

Diversity of DefianceIf you’re not into Defiance quite yet, but you’re wondering what the deal is, you’ve come to the right place. While the official site does indeed contain brief overviews, they’re a bit dated, and not as comprehensive as they could be. And after all, it’s the well-developed backstory that really gives Defiance its potential; it’d be a shame to bury it all. So, I’d like to take a moment to introduce any newcomers, or even those casual viewers wondering about the background of Defiance, to the various alien species we’ve come to know collectively as the Votan.

UPDATED: Season 3 Information added!

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A special treat: The 90’s Avengers (Trailer)


This is a little something I’ve been working on in celebration of the release of Age of Ultron tonight. By using footage from the various TV movies Marvel put out in the 1990’s, I’ve assembled an alternate set of Avengers–well, minus Hawkeye. Sorry Hawkeye! See the video description to find out which movies I used exactly. Black Widow isn’t really Black Widow, unfortunately, but rather a character that’s very clearly based on her from one of the Hulk movies. Hawkeye and Iron Man had no such counterparts, so this ended up being the best way to do it. This is just for fun, so I hope you enjoy it!