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Defiance S3E4 Review: Dead Air

Arch destroyedOne thing you can say for Defiance is that they’re never afraid to destroy that status quo. There’s hardly a status quo at all, really. We’ve got returning characters this week, so we can wrap up that already idiotic hanging plot thread from season 2, and pretty much nothing else. But there’s a new character, and a few significant shifts at the end of the episode, so you can’t just skip this one.

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Defiance S3E3 Review: The Broken Bough

Casti Omec relationsAfter the intensity of the Defiance season 3 premiere, things step back a little bit to give everyone a little room to breathe. Well, not everyone. Life always sucks when you’re Alak. And that doesn’t really mean that things are looking up, either.

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Defiance S3E1&2 Premiere Review: The World We Seize/The Last Unicorns

Omec girlDefiance is back for season 3, and it certainly came roaring back like few others. It certainly put the Season 1 and Season 2 premieres to shame. But that level of excitement comes at a cost, and as is so often the case for this show, I don’t know if the direction we’re headed is a good one.

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Defiance Renewed for Season 3: What’s Next?

Season 2 concept art, shared on twitter.

Season 2 concept art, shared on twitter.

I know I don’t usually do news, but with as much focus as this site’s start had on Defiance, it felt important to get the news out there. As reported here and confirmed on Twitter, Defiance was successfully renewed for Season 3. I gotta say I’m rather relieved; as irritating as the show can be at times, I’m still pretty invested in it, even if I don’t (yet) love the characters as much as the crew of the Enterprise-D or the gang aboard Moya. I’m only so harsh because I care, really! The show has so much potential and I want to see it through, however it develops. And now, no more will we have to worry about the last hanging plotlines being resolved in game, for those of us who don’t play the MMO.

But just reporting the news that it’s returned isn’t very exciting. What can we expect from Season 3 of Defiance, then? Here are some plot teasers that Kevin Murphy, Defiance‘s showrunner (who will indeed be returning, according to the article), said he’d like to see next season:

That’s all I’ve been able to dig up as far as season 3 related tweets go. Obviously the show would pick up with some of the running plot lines, like Pilar and Quentin, and presumably they’ll have to dig Nolan and Irisa (and Sukar!) up somehow. And keep in mind these are just tweets, speculating about possibilities; that doesn’t necessarily mean all these things will happen. But it gives us an idea of what might lie ahead, and had the show gotten canceled I’d probably have used these to make a “What Could Have Been” post for Defiance. I’m glad I don’t have to, though.

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