Daredevil NetflixThis week in TV sci-fi news, February starts us off with a movie release, although you’d be better off thinking twice before running to the theater. Plus, things finally start to open up in regards to Star Wars. And of course, our usual metric shitload of Marvel news.

  • Marvel time:
    • The trailer for Daredevil on Netflix is out, and boy does it look awesome. It’s definitely a whole other side to the Marvel Cinematic Universe than what we’ve seen so far.
    • AKA Jessica Jones, the second Marvel/Netflix teamup series, has just started filming, and our first set photo naturally followed. They’ve also continued the casting news, with Carrie Ann Moss (of Matrix fame) joining as a character called Harper.
    • Agents of SHIELD, in preparation for its return, has been announcing some new characters, most recently casting Luke Mitchell as an Inhuman called Lincoln, who will be key to helping Skye realize her powers. Cool.
    • AVENGERS 2 SPOILER ALERT! Thanks to leaked Fathead decals, we now know what Vision is going to look like in Avengers: Age of Ultron. We’ve known he was in the film for some time, but unlike other new characters, Vision’s been kept tightly under wraps. You’re going to have to scroll way down for it, but suffice it to say that it’s similar enough to his classic comic appearance that fans should be pleased, without being overly garish. And he gets a cape, even!
    • With a change of leadership at Sony, odds are looking brighter for a change of direction for Spiderman.
  • Jupiter Ascending, the latest film by the Wachowskis, is out, but judging by the slew of negative reviews on Reddit over the last week, that’s not a good thing. The February release window kind of hinted that the studio had little confidence in the film; if they did, it’d have been released over the summer, like every other blockbuster. The concerning thing here is that yet another failure by an original property seems like it’s only going to continue convincing studio execs that moviegoers don’t want new stuff, just the same old remakes, reboots, and sequels as always.
  • In Star Wars news, it’s been announced, after the speculation last week, that Felicity Jones will be headlining the spinoff film that’s set for next year. Rumor has it that she’s playing Sabine Wren from the Star Wars Rebels TV series. Which is really weird, but whatever.
    • STAR WARS 7 SPOILER ALERT. The most recent round of news (from numerous sources) seems to be confirming a lot of the plot rumors that have been floating around, such as Han and Leia’s daughter as a character, or Luke being an old hermit that they must return a lightsaber to. They’re still rumors, but it’s coming from a lot of different directions at once, which seems to lend some credence to them.
  • Star Trek 3, meanwhile, is setting its filming locations, and the latest word is that the villain will be played by Bryan Cranston (or a Cranston-like actor, if they can’t get him). This sounds like some really uninspired casting, by picking up just whatever actor is popular instead of one who fits the role. Like Cumberbatch before him, they seem to be hoping for the name to fill in the seats, which is just… awful, honestly. My enthusiasm for this sequel drops another peg.

That’s about all I’ve come across this week. Is this helpful to you? Learn anything you hadn’t seen elsewhere throughout the week? Let me know in the comments or on twitter @RetroPhaseShift.