VisionThis week in sci-fi, we’ve got a surprising lack of franchise stuff for once. Original stories? Awesome! Also, Harrison Ford scared everyone by crashing a small plane on a golf course, but he seems to be doing okay now.

  • In Marvel news: the latest Avengers 2 Trailer was released. It gives us our first glimpse at Vision in makeup, and a few other cool new bits. I’m assuming you’ve watched it by now, but if you haven’t, you can watch it above.
    • The big rumor going around now is that Drew Goddard has been selected to direct the next Spiderman movie. He’s only directed Cabin in the Woods so far, but that’s a great movie, and he’s worked on the Daredevil series that releases on Netflix next month. The deal isn’t finalized yet, supposedly, but he’s Sony’s top choice so it seems likely.
  • Netflix’s other upcoming project, Sense8, has been given a release date: June 5, 2015. Does it still interest you after the flop of Jupiter Ascending? I mean, it’s Netflix. Can’t hurt to give it a shot, right?
  • Director of Safety Not Guaranteed and the upcoming Jurassic World Colin Trevorrow is now set on his next project, a “sci-fi thriller” called Intelligent Life. Kind of a lame title, but we know next to nothing about the movie yet so let’s not have that count against it.
  • X-Men director Bryan Singer is taking on a sci-fi project too, his being the film adaptation of Heinlein’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.” I’m concerned about this story getting the big budget Hollywood treatment, but… trying not to be negative.
  • Defiance season 3 is shaping up, with a first cut of the premiere already together, and an announcement of 3 new characters, including a new alien race called the Omec, Votan overlords. I’m curious as to how they’ll explain why they haven’t been mentioned at all yet.

That’s all that I found this week. Anything I missed? Anything you’re curious about?