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Defiance S3E10 Review: When Twilight Dims the Sky Above

Uninvited GuestsPeople everyone thought were dead come back to town, and Nolan fucks things up royally once again. In other words, just another day in Defiance.

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Defiance S3E9 Review: Ostinato in White

Doc fails to recognizeT’evgin shows his commitment to peace through killing, While Nolan enters a self-destructive spiral a little too rapidly. Everyone’s mad at him, which normally would be fine. The only problem is… this is the one time he doesn’t actually deserve it!

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Defiance S3E8 Review: My Name is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You

dariboEpisode 8 has an incredibly wordy title, probably one of the longest episode titles I’ve ever seen, but it’s also one of the best episodes of Defiance ever. Maybe they should just start giving every episode a ridiculously long title?

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Defiance S3E7 Review: The Beauty of Our Weapons

VonBachThis week’s episode puts Berlin in the spotlight for once. Plus Datak shows his more honorable side and Stahma cowers in the corner. It’s like we’ve entered the world of Mirror-Defiance or something! Well, except for Nolan, but I guess he’s one of those things that’s the same in all universes.

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Defiance S3E6 Review: Where The Apples Fell

Rahm Tak InsanityDefiance seems to be back on track with another strong episode this week. Well, with one really weird exception. And we all know how that went with the “one weird exception” of last season’s sixth episode

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Defiance S3E5 Review: History Rhymes

Arks ArrivalThis week is a marked improvement over last. We get some backstory on Nolan, finally, but it comes across as more of an excuse than an explanation. On the other hand, things are looking up for Alak, and that’s who we actually care about, right? New opening credits are just made of sad, though…

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Defiance S3E4 Review: Dead Air

Arch destroyedOne thing you can say for Defiance is that they’re never afraid to destroy that status quo. There’s hardly a status quo at all, really. We’ve got returning characters this week, so we can wrap up that already idiotic hanging plot thread from season 2, and pretty much nothing else. But there’s a new character, and a few significant shifts at the end of the episode, so you can’t just skip this one.

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Defiance S3E3 Review: The Broken Bough

Casti Omec relationsAfter the intensity of the Defiance season 3 premiere, things step back a little bit to give everyone a little room to breathe. Well, not everyone. Life always sucks when you’re Alak. And that doesn’t really mean that things are looking up, either.

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A Subjectively Obscure SciFi Primer: Harsh Realm

Harsh RealmWarping in on an unusual day of the week, the Obscure Sci-Fi Primer returns with a fan-requested show: the extremely short-lived 1999 series Harsh Realm. Clocking in at a meager 9 episodes, this is by far the shortest show to appear in the Primer to date. Harsh Realm deals with virtual reality, much like another show we’ve covered already. But while VR.5‘s virtual worlds were highly personal ones, Harsh Realm is far less so, having started as a high-tech training simulation for dealing with potential nuclear apocalypse. It’s also an (incredibly loose) adaptation of a comic book, and had a number of X-Files writers working on it, like Chris Carter and Vince Gilligan (although the latter wasn’t a writer here).

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Defiance S3E1&2 Premiere Review: The World We Seize/The Last Unicorns

Omec girlDefiance is back for season 3, and it certainly came roaring back like few others. It certainly put the Season 1 and Season 2 premieres to shame. But that level of excitement comes at a cost, and as is so often the case for this show, I don’t know if the direction we’re headed is a good one.

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