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Defiance: S2E1 Review: The Opposite of Hallelujah

Razed again? Nah.     Defiance is a show that’s been frustrating to watch from the get-go; the initial preview released online for season 1, which was essentially the first 5-10 minutes of the show, looked great. Nolan and Irisa, driving along in their souped-up apocalypse-mobile, singing a song, there was a real sense that these two cared for each other. Then, they get stopped by a band of aliens roaming the woods, which eventually force them into the city of Defiance. It set things up nicely.

Of course, we eventually learned that Nolan is an unnecessarily violent and cruel vet and Irisa is both crazy and rebellious in that “I’m only doing this stupid thing to further the plot” sort of way. If I only had one sentence to sum up the problems with season 1, it would be that the nominal protagonists are among the least interesting and most frustrating characters on the show. Read more


Welcome to RetroPhaseShift! This blog will be centered around science fiction, particularly television series but also films, novels, and perhaps some of my own work down the line. I plan to review Sci-fi TV series as they air, starting with Defiance in a few weeks. I may also muse on the state of the fandom and sci-fi culture in general, but that will be much less frequent. I’m also planning to start with 2-3  updates a week, so stay tuned.


Here’s to new beginnings!

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