Hello to any remaining readers, or anyone who stumbles across this site once again. Thought I’d explain a little about what’s been happening to me before I start posting content again. The real article will be posted right after this, so you can skip on ahead to that if you aren’t interested.

Since the last post, I had quite a lot happen that’s kept me from working on… well, anything I wanted to. A number of bad things happened, but there’s one major incident that’s influenced everything else. In September 2018, I was hit pretty hard by hurricane Florence. The damage still hasn’t been repaired; I ended up leaving town due to dangerous living conditions a few weeks afterward, and spent the proceeding months living as a guest with my girlfriend’s family while trying to get what of my belongings had survived together, find a new job, and find somewhere to live more permanently. Finally, just a few months ago, I managed to do all of that and am now living outside of Raleigh, NC. It’s been busy, but things are much better overall, and I’m settled in enough that I can get back to writing for the site. Views have unsurprisingly tanked, given the lack of activity, but I don’t think it’s unsalvageable, so I’m gonna give it another shot starting with this month.

I’m likely going to aim for posts on a monthly basis from this point forward; I can’t promise you what they’ll be, necessarily, but it’s likely going to be a mix of what we’ve seen in the past and some new twists. One of the main changes I’m planning on is a greater inclusion of anime, as I’ve hit on a lot of the live action shows I intended to already and anime’s is a relatively untapped area of sci-fi as far as this site goes. If anime’s not your thing, I get that, but it’s always been one of mine and hey, it’s my site after all. You don’t have to watch it, in the end, but I hope these articles will be interesting even to those who aren’t invested in anime, as many of these works have been influential both inside and outside of Japan. With works like Battle Angel Alita and Ghost in the Shell receiving western film adaptations, and series like Cowboy Bebop getting the Netflix treatment, a working knowledge of anime just might come in handy. It’s been going the other way, as well, with Blade Runner 2049 having inspired an in-the-works anime adaptation, which is looking like something that shouldn’t be missed for fans of that franchise.

Beyond that, I might experiment with some new article types altogether, and with any luck I’ll actually be able to get some fiction writing done again. There was a new series in the works prior to my life being upended, which I hope you all will enjoy when you eventually get to see it. It means a lot to me. Not much else to say, really; I’ve mostly disconnected from social media, so I’m not sure if I will revive those along with the site, but if I decide not, you can still get updates on convention appearances and book shows through the mailing list. I don’t have any plans to venture outside of NC for the foreseeable future, anyway, so they were only relevant to a fairly small crowd to begin with.

Hope you enjoy the return to form, and let me know what you think of any new articles in the comment sections.