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Defiance Season 2 Retrospective

Command postThe second season of Syfy’s Defiance has ended, with a pretty good two episode finale. While I tend to focus on small moments in my reviews of each episode, I’d like to stop and look back now at the season as a whole. I feel this is the best way to gauge the quality of it, as things that didn’t really seem to contribute much before may have more to offer in hindsight. So, let’s take a look at some of the running storylines of the season and the new things that were added to try to see what worked and what didn’t.

Needless to say, this is 100% spoilers. Proceed only if you’ve finished the season!

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Defiance S2E13 Finale Review: I Almost Prayed

Bye NYThe second half finale hits big, but what it really has in spades is a bunch of snappy lines from everyone across the board. Oh, and we open with a level of destruction that is amazing for TV and par for the course for an online video game. See how having those two related kinda robs it of its punch? Read more

Defiance S2E12 Review: All Things Must Pass

Tarr-tiedA slow build to the finale begins, some unfortunate truths come to light, and the Tarrs steal the show, as always. But you already expected that, right? How about kidnappings? They’re what’s trendy this week, so read on for more.

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Defiance S2E11 Review: Doll Parts

Falling without stylePicking up almost immediately from where the previous episode left off, the Kaziri plot revs up big time for next week’s finale, and some things finally start to make sense as some previously nonsensical plot developments lead to interesting character growth in unexpected directions.

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Defiance S2E10 Review: Bottom of the World

Flag Cape ReturnsMore returning characters, some brutal surprises, and the first time appearance of a woman we’ve heard quite a bit about all show up for the first of this week’s two episodes. The push towards the finale begins! But first, here’s an attempt at redemption.

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Defiance S2E9 Review: Painted From Memory

InterrogationWe find out how Kenya came back, some of my theories from last week are confirmed, and a thorough mix of grayness fading to black and some darker characters showing a few shades of gray. Also, even more returning characters, because everyone from season 1 should get to come back!

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Defiance S2E8 Review: Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Mystery ManIt seems like answers are finally on the way in regards to Irzu and the Kaziri, but some more returning faces steal the spotlight this week (and if you read the SDCC panel breakdown, you know exactly who) and with them just comes more questions. You’d think by this point it’d be time to answer some, right? Read on for the review.

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Defiance S2E7 Review: If You Could See Her Through My Eyes

MordecaiRemember what I said about Defiance taking one step forward and one random step? This week is the perfect example. An unfortunate revisit to the Casti-cosplay club, Datak and Rafe get to live out some more Pulp Fiction fantasies, a ton of eye gore, and the Hellbugs are back. They aren’t the only things returning, however… read on for more.

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Defiance SDCC Breakdown

Defiance Train PosterSo Defiance‘s San Diego Comic Con panel was earlier today, and we got a few glimpses of the future, and some very mixed signals about whether the show will continue. Spoilers of varying significance for the rest of season 2 ahead.

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Defiance S2E6 Review: This Woman’s Work

CrashFor every step forward that Defiance takes, it then proceeds to take one step in a random direction. Sometimes that’s forward, sometimes it’s backwards, but often it’s just a lateral shift that comes out of nowhere. This episode is kind of halfway in between, with two very interesting plot threads and two serious headscratchers. Read on for more.

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