The Dystopian Detective Series


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Unjustified Nostalgia
Bonus Short
Free to Mailing List Subscribers!

Cyberpunk, near-future dystopian sci-fi with a hardboiled twist–the Dystopian Detective series extends the issues of the present into the world of tomorrow for adventure with a purpose. Click one of the books above and take a closer look.
If you’ve read them already, you’re still in the right place. Special dossiers revealing detailed information on characters and organizations, which you can see first in our monthly newsletter, are catalogued here; you can also view the timeline of events that led to Lance’s world and shaped the city of Kindred into what it is in A History of Kindred. Or find out about the paths The Arcology didn’t take in What Could Have Been: The Arcology.

Could there be other bonus content in the future? Check back and find out.

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