This is all the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 articles in one place. Earlier episode reviews have not been altered, and so they make some guesses or judgments based on what knowledge was available to the viewer at the time that later turned out to be inaccurate. Still, I feel it’s worth maintaining them in that state, as it gives an honest impression of how the show felt to be shaping up throughout its run this season.

SHIELD Splinter

Individual episode reviews and recaps

  1. Shadows (Season Premiere)
  2. Heavy is the Head
  3. Making Friends and Influencing People
  4. I Will Face My Enemy
  5. A Hen in the Wolfhouse
  6. A Fractured House
  7. The Writing on the Wall
  8. The Things We Bury
  9. Ye Who Enter Here
  10. What They Become (Midseason Finale)
  11. Aftershocks (Midseason Premiere)
  12. Who You Really Are
  13. One of Us
  14. Love in the Time of HYDRA
  15. One Door Closes
  16. Afterlife
  17. Melinda
  18. The Frenemy of My Enemy
  19. The Dirty Half-Dozen
  20. Scars
  21. & 22. S.O.S. (Two Part Season Finale)


Extra material

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